Creation Guide

Policy in Creation of Your Portraits

It is my goal and passion to create unique artistic images
of breathtaking beauty for every person,
Creating compositions with delicate and dramatic lighting
for a visual impact that will evoke overwhelming
excitement and joy.

Jim Ferguson
portrait artist


Commercial Jobs

Commercial Jobs are priced according to standard commercial practices and our commercial policy and prices will be explained upon request for your particular business needs.  

The Consultation for Clients

This interview is to discuss your needs and preferred portrait styles.  We will discuss the best possible places for creating your portraits.  Have your portrait created in our Studio or the beautiful outdoor scenic areas.  You may choose such places as sandbars on a lake, the beach, lush gardens, scenic areas or other interesting places you may prefer.

The Professional Fee

The professional fee pays for the photographer's initial camera time, expertise, helpers expenses, etc. necessary to create your custom images and must be paid when the session is booked. The professional fee does not pay for any portraits. This fee is non-refundable, however we will make every effort to reschedule your session due to weather or if you need to reschedule due to personal circumstances if you give us at least a 3 days advance notice.  At the time of the booking you may also be required to make a prepayment towards your package. All sessions are custom created and initial professional fees set accordingly. Call to discuss your creative ideas with us and we will make it happen.

Booking the Portrait Session

Choose a portrait package amount that will best fit your budget and we will schedule the time needed to create images for your budget price point.  On average we will photograph for one hour of time at one location for each $300 dollars in portraits that you plan to spend on your portraits.  We will also guide you in setting up the best time of the day and location to create your portraits.  We will discuss the necessary clothing and things you will need to prepare and bring to the session.  Location images require different lighting effects for different projects and will be taken into consideration when booking your session time.  

The Fashion Boutique

For the ladies, this is the ultimate beauty session that our studio offers should you so desire.  It utilizes a professional makeup artist to do your makeup and also your hair if needed.  Every detail of your dream session will be discussed and planned in order to create the ultimate beauty photography session.  

The Photography Session

This will be a very exciting and fun experience.  You will be treated with honor and dignity.  Your uniquely created poses will most likely be some of your most beautiful and breathtaking images you will ever have made.  We create images using the fine art techniques of composing; the setting, clothing, colors, texture and many other factors along with your personality.  Your beauty will also be enhanced with the illusions of art using graceful and or dramatic patterns of light and shadow.  Don't worry about the posing.  You will be directed just as the conductor directs an orchestra.  

The Presentation and Selection of your Images

You will be invited to view your dynamic images within about a week following your photography session.  Your images will be presented in a beautiful digital slide show.   The presentation is designed to aid in the selection of images and wall portraits.  You will be shown only a select group of the best images which will produce the most beautiful impact.  This is the time when you will need  to make all of your decisions for the different size portraits and finishes.  Everyone who will have a roll in the decision making process and to make payment for the portrait package must be present at this time.  This process may take a couple of hours.   

Digital Files

We do NOT sale digital files that are suitable for print.  However, we do reserve the right to sometimes make or NOT to make available extreme low resolution web files for a small fee for facebook type purposes which are branded with FERGUSON FINE ART.  ONLY the images from which you have purchased prints and only if you have purchased a package of prints that meet your requirements for the package session minimum will be considered for a web file purchase.  These files are extremely low resolution and absolutely will NOT be printable at all.  ALL Ferguson Fine Art images are copyrighted and controlled by the federal copyright laws.  Violators will be prosecuted.  See explanation of Copyrights below.

The Portrait Payment

Nothing leaves the Studio without being paid in full and !00% of you portrait order must be paid at the time when your order is placed.  We accept both cash and credit cards.  All sales are final once the order has been placed and the artwork has begun on the images.

The Finished Portraits

Your portfolios, desk size portraits and wallets shall be fully art worked,  printed and ready for pickup approximately two to three weeks after your order has been placed.  The wall portraits may take up to four or five weeks to complete dependent on the amount of artwork and finishing methods necessary.  We are dedicated in producing the very best portraits possible.  If you are pressed for time, we can rush the lab for a fee.

The Framed Wall Portrait

Your wall portrait is not finished until it is creatively framed.  This makes its presentation a dynamic unit for viewing.  We offer a wide variety and selection of Italian, fine art, contemporary and modern frame stock available from which to choose and purchase.  Having your portrait framed properly is just as important as the creation of the image.

We look forward to setting up a consultation and session with you in order to create you some breathtaking images of which you will be extremely proud.  So call to discuss your creative ideas with us and we will make it happen.

FERGUSON FINE ART       Jim Ferguson       409-842-0200


Copyright Law

The photographer possesses the copyright to the image the very instant the photographer presses the shutter release on his camera.  The United States Copyright Law gives the photographer all rights to copy, distribute, publicly display or create derivative works from the original image.  The photographer owns the image and full control of its' reproduction and its' public display.